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Estate Design

Create a Personal “Blueprint” for Biblical Stewardship

As your partner in fulfilling the Great Commission, we are committed to ensuring that the gospel reaches every corner of the globe, now and in the future. Whether you’re just embarking on the journey of estate planning and feeling uncertain about where to begin, or you already have a will or trust in place, Cru Foundation’s purpose is to provide personalized guidance, confidential feedback, invaluable insights, and charitable resources at no cost to you. 

Cru Foundation staff will help you develop a personal “blueprint” to visualize your long-term financial and stewardship goals. The Gift and Estate Design process coordinates the skills of your professional service advisors with our unique expertise in charitable law, tax-advantaged giving strategies, and kingdom-minded charitable planning solutions.

Our Unique Approach

Our Estate Design Service provides

Faith-based, Values-aligned Specialists

Cru Foundation’s experienced estate design specialists are aligned with your Christian values and have a heart for the ministries and missionaries you love.

A Steward’s Perspective

Cru Foundation offers estate design through the lens of God’s ownership. We believe that people are more important than money and that family relationships should flourish as a result of your planning.

Confidential, No Obligation Services

Cru Foundation is here to serve. That means no fees, no commissions, no products and without obligation. And your personal information is always confidential and secure.

And the benefits for you and your family include

Get a FREE Estate Planning Guide

Are you ready to plan your will or trust? We want to give you a FREE Estate Planning Guide. This guide gives steps to simplify the process and when you’re ready, Cru Foundation can partner with you to develop a “blueprint” for a new will or trust.

What Next?

One Family's Journey

Listen to the testimony from Tim and Kathy Bush, a ministry partner couple who had been searching and trying to figure out their plans for several years before journeying with Cru Foundation. Now they feel a sense of peace and that a burden has been lifted off their shoulders.

Estate Design 101​

Our Premier Service Offer: Define, Align and Design Your Estate

The Guide provides the foundational biblical perspective of our estate design process that is technically accurate and explains in greater detail how this approach is unique for those motivated to discover God’s plan for their estate.

Our professional staff is ready to listen to your personal goals and unique needs of your intended Design. We will schedule a brief personal exploratory meeting by phone or Zoom.

The Confidential Estate Inventory is designed to assist you in gathering the necessary and relevant data for your estate planning. Complete the sections – the “Five P’s” of Estate Planning: People, Passions, Property, Plans and Planners. Each section contains straightforward guidelines to summarize your personal situation, family goals, charitable intent, and your supporting documents needed to accompany your will or trust.

In about three weeks, we return a customized Estate Design document using your information that proposes a strategy to minimize taxes, meet family goals, and support the ministries you love! We summarize implementation steps and key decisions to consider before drafting your will or trust documents that discuss each aspect of your individual estate, personally incorporating the data you provide in the Confidential Estate Inventory form.

We provide a step-by-step process to guide your decision-making through to completion. You will be prepared to create legal documents or meet with an attorney to execute your plans. This pre-work often reduces time and cost while increasing the quality of your estate plans.

Gift Design Service

Often, the estate design process includes questions about the best way to give a current gift from an estate. This could be a gift of real estate, property, or a business interest. Cru Foundation can provide an illustration to show you how you give that asset now, rather than in the future. The individualized illustration will walk you through the impact of the gift on both the receiving ministry as well as the tax implications for your estate. Many donors use the estate design service as a way to discover how to be most effective in their kingdom giving while they can have the joy of seeing the impact!

Name Cru Ministries in your Estate Plans today

As a leader in the community of faith, Cru Foundation has seen many estates and administered many estate gifts. When you leave your estate gift to us, you will have peace of mind knowing that your special gifts will be handled with skill.

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FREE Estate Planning Guide

Are you ready to plan your will or trust? We want to give you a FREE Estate Planning Guide. This guide gives steps to simplify the process and when you’re ready, Cru Foundation can partner with you to develop a “blueprint” for a new will or trust.

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