Estate Design

We can help, whether or not you have a will or a trust

Do you want to …

  • ensure your family’s well-being?
  • reduce or eliminate your tax burden?
  • achieve your financial goals and help build the kingdom of God?

We can help. In our estate design process, one of our specialists will work with you to develop your long-term goals, then take a comprehensive look at your estate with those goals in mind. You can get started right now.

The estate design process is beneficial whether or not you have a will or a trust in place. If you don’t have one, the estate design process will clearly define your current financial situation and explain the best options for creating a plan. If you already have a will or a trust in place, it will suggest areas that need review and/or revision.

Confidential, complimentary, no obligation

You can rest assured that we won’t share your confidential information with anyone outside of Cru Foundation. If you want a third-party opinion about our business practices, check out our profile on the ECFA website.

Another foundation or firm might charge thousands of dollars for services like these. We are independently funded so that we can work for you without pressure and free of charge. Nor do we work on commission, so we’ll never tell you how to give or how much to give. You are free to be a good steward of what God has entrusted to you.

Start the estate design process right now

2Fill out the estate inventory

Set aside a few hours to fill out the estate inventory. Gather together your financial materials and follow the instructions. Be as thorough as possible.

If you have questions while you’re working on the form, feel free to call us: 1.800.449.5454.

3Send us your inventory

When you’ve completed your inventory, send it to us:

Cru Foundation
100 Lake Hart Drive #3600
Orlando, FL 32832

Fax: 407.541.5106

We’ll contact you to let you know we’ve received your inventory and have begun working on your estate design.

What to expect after submitting your estate inventory

We’ll build a confidential estate design using the information that you submitted in your estate inventory. It will include:

  • A statement of your current financial position.
  • An analysis of your financial position and its tax consequences.
  • A listing of recommended changes to help you meet your personal goals.
  • A flowchart that illustrates each step of the process.

We’ll review this information with you. Your attorney will be responsible for creating any and all legal documents.

Our goal is to provide you with educational information and analysis from a Christian perspective. This information shouldn’t be interpreted as legal advice.