Cru Foundation Estate Design Service

Cru Foundation offers Cru partners individualized services to build personal strategies for stewardship. We help you go beyond tools, techniques and taxation by looking at your life’s work through the lens of God’s ownership.

But don’t just take our word for it …

Hear testimony from Tim and Kathy Bush, a ministry partner couple that had been searching and trying to figure out their plans for several years before journeying with Cru Foundation. Now they feel a sense of peace and that a burden has been lifted off their shoulders.

Cru Foundation Estate Design Service offers …

➢ Faith-based, Values-aligned Specialists — Cru Foundation’s experienced estate design specialists are aligned with your Christian values and have a heart for the ministries and missionaries you love.

➢ A Steward’s Perspective — Cru Foundation offers estate design through the lens of God’s ownership. We believe that people are more important than money and that family relationships should flourish as a result of your planning.

➢ Confidential, No Obligation Services — Cru Foundation is here to serve. That means no fees, no commissions, no products and without obligation. And your personal information is always confidential and secure.

And the benefits for you and your family include …

  • Meeting personal and family financial goals and safeguarding relationships.
  • Reducing or eliminating taxes.
  • Effectively transferring the right assets to the right people and organizations.
  • Maximizing tax-advantaged giving to the kingdom.
  • Accelerating the fulfillment of the Great Commission!

Premier Charitable Services

Personal Estate Design

Achieve your goals with concrete strategies that consider the relational, tax, and legal outcomes in user-friendly language and helpful illustrations. You will walk away with clear steps for implementation to —

  • Create the framework—a “Blueprint”—for a new will or trust.
  • Update your current will or trust to reflect changes in law, relationships and assets.
  • Provide a second professional opinion on your current estate plans and affirm the supporting documents are in place to meet your goals. .
Individual Gift Design

Experience the joy of the Lord through transformative gifts made during your lifetime. You can leverage the special charitable planning tools and apply tax-saving strategies available to you as a Kingdom-minded giver.

Custom illustrations and scenario planning show you how to protect income and multiply your impact by unlocking the hidden charitable potential by giving tax-advantaged assets such as real estate, business interests, and appreciated securities.

Get Started Today!

  1. Evaluate — The process begins with a preliminary call with a Gift & Estate Design Specialist to help us understand your needs, wishes and current situation.
  2. Discover — View our Basic Estate Planning Guide, then download and complete the Confidential Estate Inventory (approximate figures are adequate for this purpose), and then return the completed form to our team. If you have questions, please email us at or call us 800-449-5454.
  3. Influence — Together with a Gift and Estate Design Specialist, you craft an estate design to unlock the hidden value in your estate to provide for your family, minimize taxes and share the gospel—now and into the future.

What to expect after submitting your Confidential Estate Inventory …

Upon receipt of your Confidential Inventory, an Estate Design Specialist will contact you to schedule a brief interview to discuss your goals and confirm your personal data.  With your information, we build an indexed, custom Estate Design document that includes:

  • An overview of our ministry approach to Estate Design as biblical stewards.
  • A summary of your estate data and current plans, an inventory of property and distribution goals, and a review of your current estate design documents. A proposed Estate Design to help review planning decisions during your lifetimes and to illustrate a design that maximizes distribution to personal and charitable beneficiaries.  
  • An easily understood flowchart that illustrates each stage of the process.
  • A step-by-step outline to implement your decisions including the presentation to your legal counsel and professional advisors to create the final documents.

Our Gift and Estate Design service includes scheduling personal delivery and presenting your new Design document — generally within 2-3 weeks of receiving your Confidential Inventory. At your direction, we can also provide ongoing counsel and help interface with your advisors to put your plans in place.

Contact us today!

Cru Foundation provides information and assistance related to estate design and gift planning. Our goal is to provide practical information and personalized analysis from a Christian perspective.  Communications with our staff are not intended as, nor should they be construed to be, legal or tax advice and are offered for educational purposes only. Please seek legal and/or tax advice from your professional advisors prior to making any planned gift. We operate within the standards of business as an accredited member organization of the ECFA.