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Endurance Funds

Give now and fund the future

With an Endurance Fund, you have a way to help the Cru missionaries and ministries you love persevere until the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Endurance Funds are focused, professionally managed endowments that yield annual funding for ministry while also preserving principal. These funds are like planting a fruit tree that yields a harvest year after year.

An Endurance Fund produces a dedicated income stream to ensure the long-term fruitfulness of the ministry or work of a missionary. It provides ballast during tough economic times and strength for seizing strategic opportunities during good economic times. It’s a way for you to help missionaries continue to run their race rather than face the loss of support on which they depend.

We can help you put together a plan for funding an Endurance Fund in stages with a combination of gifts now and a gift through your estate.

Stories from people like you

Cru Foundation supporters using a Donor Advised Funds to fulfill the Great Commission.

The legacy I want to leave is one of loving Jesus and impacting the world for Christ.

It’s not about being seen giving, it’s about the excitement you have in your own heart of being able to give.

Cru Foundation is an instumental part of our retirement plan. We can rest assured our finances and families are in good hands.

How It Works

We help you design the Endurance Fund with your ministry goals in view, and here is how it works:

Contribute any variety of assets: cash, securities, real estate, business interests, etc.

Receive an immediate income tax charitable deduction.

A fixed percentage distribution will be made annually to the Cru missionary or ministry (or both!) of your choice.

After all payments have been made, your gift accelerates gospel work through your favorite Cru ministries and missionaries!

Benefits of an Endurance Fund

The Endurance Fund is not a donor-advised fund but functions as an endowment. It is designed to support the work of specific Cru ministries or missionaries. And is an irrevocable gift to Cru.

Absolutely. Please let us know in advance if you plan to establish the Fund with assets besides cash since there likely are other considerations to discuss before you make the transfer. Exploratory conversations with our team are always without obligation or cost.

$5,000 is the minimum to open an Endurance Fund.

Get Started

We can walk through the Endurance Fund application with you. We can highlight some suggestions for the Fund based on your scenario and your wishes. Endurance Funds can support multiple missionaries and ministries within the family of Cru ministries.