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Income Generating Gifts

Income Generating Gifts

Create a source of revenue, enjoy tax benefits and support kingdom work

Utilize one of these special charitable solutions to make a gospel impact while creating a secondary source of revenue or augmenting your retirement income while enjoying significant tax incentives. 

Your situation is unique. From charitable remainder trusts to gift annuities, we can offer the expertise and resources to tailor an option for you and guide you through the process — ensuring you maximize both your impact and financial benefits.

Gift Options

Charitable Gift Annuity

A gift that provides a tax deduction now and allows you to receive fixed, quarterly income payments for life backed by Cru and supports the ministry or missionary work of your choice when the annuity period is over.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A gift through a Charitable Remainder Trust provides an income stream to you and/or family beneficiaries. When the income period is over, the trust assets are used to support the Cru ministry or missionary of your choice.

Charitable Lead Trust

A tax-favored gift that generates income to Cru for a specified term of years. The principal eventually reverts to you and/or other family beneficiaries.

Pooled Income Fund

A gift that is pooled for investment purposes, and beneficiaries receive a proportionate share of the fund’s net income for life. Cru receives the fund’s principal value when the income period is over.

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