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Live generously, treasure Jesus Christ and bring good news to Students. Campuses. Schools. Women. Children. Men. Teens. Tribes. Villages. Refugees. Families. Marriages. Mothers. Fathers. Single Parents. Athletes. Leaders. Soldiers. Musicians. Professors. Teachers. Nurses. Doctors. Ambassadors. Politicians. Coaches. Prisoners. Homeless. Orphans. Widows. Prodigals. Everyone.

Families can trade the burden of ownership  for the freedom of stewardship

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Our Story

Since 1972, Cru Foundation has helped generous families across the nation steward more than $1.5 billion of God's resources.

Cru Foundation is a ministry of Cru. We are a trusted guide to help you navigate the challenging spiritual and technical decisions you face as a steward. We provide sound biblical and technical guidance to help you make a generational, godly impact.

We enable ministry partners like you with tools and resources to invest in building the kingdom of God now, during retirement and beyond your lifetime.

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Discover an easy way to expand your impact and simplify your giving with a Great Commission Donor Advised Fund


Complete an online application to get started.


Donate cash, stocks, cryptocurrency, real estate, or even a portion of your business and receive a tax receipt.


Use your online account to advise disbursement of the funds to support your favorite charitable organizations.