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Assets & Gifts

Mobilize untapped resources to create gospel transformation

If you own stocks, real estate, a small business, or other assets, you can leverage these resources to meet your needs and achieve your ministry goals. Cru Foundation can help. We offer strategic gift planning services to help you develop a personalized gift plan that aligns with your personal, family, business and ministry objectives, enabling you to benefit from tax savings and make a significant impact.

Whether it is more beneficial to donate the entire asset or give an undivided interest, this type of gift allows you to redirect tax dollars toward ministry work. If you have questions and would like guidance in exploring the gift of an asset, our specialists can help you with ideation, illustrations and the process of gift acceptance.

Kinds of Special Gifts

Stocks & Mutual Funds

Powerful tools with profound impact

Retirement Assets

Use your IRA to ignite kingdom transformation and save on taxes

Real Estate

Transform property into powerful ministry

Business Interests

Discover the giving potential of your business to minimize tax liability and maximize gospel impact


Transform digital currency into meaningful real-world impact

Life Insurance

Your policy can bolster support for the ministries you love

Precious Metals

Explore how gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals can make a gift of eternal impact

Gifts of Crops and Livestock

Cultivate greater ministry impact with all types of agriculture and farmland

Oil, Gas & Mineral Interests

Utilize underground revenue to make a gospel impact

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Other Opportunities

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