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IRA Charitable Rollover/QCDs

Maximize your ministry impact and reduce your tax burden

Many generous ministry partners like you have seen the benefits of contributing from a traditional IRA by using a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) to accelerate the Great Commission.

A QCD is a direct transfer from your traditional IRA to a qualified charity, like Cru.

At age 70 ½ or older, you may give pre-tax funds out of your individual retirement account (IRA) and lower your tax burden, sometimes even more so than giving cash on hand. You can transfer up to $105,000* directly from an IRA to a qualified charity like Cru each year and avoid triggering federal income tax. Beginning at age 73, this transfer may also count toward your required minimum distribution (RMD). A married couple with separate IRAs may each transfer as much as $105,000 annually.

How It Works

How to Make a
Qualified Charitable Distribution:

Contact your financial advisor or your IRA custodian and ask them to issue a QCD.

Email with how you would like your gift to be designated.

Enjoy the potential benefits of a QCD while helping to fulfill the Great Commission!

Depending on the custodian, they will either send the QCD check directly to Cru, send the check to the IRA account holder but made payable to Cru, or they may provide the IRA account holder with a checkbook with which to make a QCD. Whichever method, please notify Cru of your gift and your desired intentions.

Although you cannot claim a charitable income tax deduction for a QCD gift, a QCD will not increase your taxable income, which may provide you with greater income tax savings when compared to making a cash gift and claiming an income tax deduction. For donors who do not itemize deductions, a QCD may still be tax efficient.

While the IRS doesn’t allow Qualified Charitable Distributions from an IRA to any donor-advised fund, after-tax IRA funds may be used to establish the GCDAF. Normal IRA distributions can be taken and then contributed to the GCDAF. The contribution to the GCDAF is tax-deductible and may offset income tax incurred by the IRA distribution. Please consult your tax professional to make sure your individual situation applies.

Yes, Cru is able to allocate a single QCD to multiple designations within Cru. Please use the IRA Rollover/QCD Directive to give your instructions.

Absolutely! Naming a Cru missionary or ministry as a beneficiary of your Individual Retirement Account is a generous and impactful way to spread the gospel and make a generational impact. Learn more about using your retirement assets for future ministry.

Get Started

Contact your IRA custodian or financial advisor to make a gift from your IRA to Cru.

Complete the IRA Rollover/QCD Directive, and return it to Cru.
→ The Directive has information that your Custodian will need to initiate a QCD from your IRA. If your custodian allows it, please request that they include your full name and address or your Cru donor number.

Your IRA Custodian will send a check on your behalf to support your favorite ministry or missionary.

We will mail you an acknowledgment letter for your gift that states that no goods or services were provided. Please keep this for your records.

Please note: Typically, IRA Custodians will not notify charities of your intention for the gift. For proper handling and to ensure correct designation, please notify Cru of your gift.

* Check with your advisor for how much of your QCD will qualify for RMD in your situation. Contributions to IRAs after age 70 1⁄2 may affect how much of your QCD can be counted toward RMD.

Popular Custodian Contact Information

For your convenience, we have provided contact information below for some of the larger IRA custodians to help you get started.

American Funds

Customer Service:


Contact your Ameriprise Advisor for further assistance. Customer Service:
1-800-862-7919 (M – F, 7 AM to 7 PM CT).
Ameriprise FAQ on QCD.

Charles Schwab

Edward Jones

Contact your Edward Jones Financial Advisor.
Edward Jones Tax Efficient Giving Strategies


Please contact your Everence representative. Customer Service:
1-800-348-7468 (M – F, 8 AM to 5 PM ET).
Everence FAQ on QCD.


Lincoln Financial

Customer Service:

TD Ameritrade

Customer Service:
Option 2.
TD Ameritrade FAQ on QCD.


Customer Service:
1-877-662-7447 (8 AM to 8 PM ET)
Vanguard FAQ on QCD.

Wells Fargo

CD (Time Account) or Savings Account IRAs 1-800-237-8472 (M – F, 8 AM to 8 PM ET) Brokerage IRAs 1-866-281-7436 (M – F, 8 AM to 10 PM; Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM ET)
Wells Fargo FAQ on QCD.

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