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Insurance Policies

Gifts of Life Insurance

In addition to its role in estate, business and financial planning, your life insurance policy can also play an important role in a charitable giving strategy and make an eternal impact.

Cru Foundation can help you think through strategic ways to use your policy either now or in the future to further the gospel. Proceeds from the cash value, dividends, or death benefit can fund a Great Commission Donor Advised Fund account, an Endurance Fund or support immediate ministry opportunities at Cru.

How It Works

Contact our team for guidance on updating the policy’s beneficiary information with Cru’s information.

Beneficiary Name:  “Cru” and reference the ministry purpose

100 Lake Hart Drive #3600
Orlando, FL, 32832
Federal Tax ID: #95-6006173

If your policy is paid up:

You can speak with our team about naming Cru as the owner and the beneficiary of the policy. After Cru is made the owner, the policy can either be surrendered to secure the cash value or the cash value can be obtained when the policy matures.

If the policy is not paid-up yet:

Our team may still be able to accept it and either surrender the policy for the cash value; or, if you wish to make a cash gift(s) to cover the premiums, we may be able to hold the policy in anticipation of future giving. Please contact a Cru Foundation representative to explain the details of this option.

Important to Note

  • Consult your professional advisor to determine how the gift aligns with your overall financial plan and evaluate the potential tax consequences.  Typically, gifts of life insurance are deductible at the lesser of the policy’s fair market value or cost basis.
  • Note that policies with connections to loans typically cannot be given.
  • Depending on the circumstances and details of your gift, an appraisal may be required. 
  • In some cases, you can directly allocate policy dividends to charitable causes. 
  • Ultimately, you make a generational impact for the kingdom of God!

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