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Real Estate

Transform Property into Powerful Ministry

A home, rental property (including vacation rentals), land, office buildings, farmland, vacant land and other types of real estate can all be joyful and tax-wise assets to help change lives, families, and even generations. These gifts can also be transformational for you, the giver.

Whether you are considering donating your entire interest in a property or just a portion of it, our team is dedicated to helping you explore a range of creative giving options that maximize the impact of your resources and meet your specific needs and goals.

Why trust Cru with such an important gift?

What Next?

One Family’s Gift of Real Estate

Warren and Brenda Pfohl, ministry partners with Jesus Film Project, shared: “We had heard about the ability to give a home. We [basically] signed our deed over, and Cru Foundation took over. They paid for the bills, they dealt with the realtors, everything. And the great thing about it is because you’ve donated [the house], there are no capital gains. So they take care of the details, and we get to support the Jesus Film Project.”

How We Help

Cru Foundation can take care of the following:

Providing illustrations to show potential cash flow and tax implications of a gift

Determination of approximate fair market value

Property management (mowing, maintenance, receivables, utilities)

Marketing and selling of property

Document preparation for gift transfer and sale

And more!

We can manage the entire process, making it as simple as possible. We understand the passion of partners like you to share the good news and fulfill the Great Commission.

In the last seven years, Cru Foundation has administered gifts from ministry partners like you that have given partial or entire interests in 33 properties across the United States, ranging in value from $80,000 to $12 million and totaling more than $32 million.

Yes, whether it’s a commercial building or other type of income-producing property — like a strip mall, apartment complex, rental home, short-term vacation rental or office space — you may be able to move that rental income into a more tax-efficient system and income stream for giving to ministries like Cru. And we’ve got the experience to help you make it happen!

The process is flexible so that if you have a preferred realtor, they may be able to serve as the seller agent. Cru Foundation is also connected to a network of quality realtors. We’re prepared to interview and select a qualified realtor for selling your gifted property. We serve as your “quarterback” to achieve the ultimate goal: joyful giving to build God’s kingdom. 

Flexibility in Giving

After you give the property to Cru Foundation, our team lists and sells the property. The net proceeds flow to the ministries or missionaries of your designation. 

You can add additional flexibility to your gift by using the Great Commission Donor Advised Fund (GCDAF). This charitable giving account allows your real estate to bless multiple ministries or for the proceeds to support ministry over time rather than all at once. And by putting a portion of the real estate in a GCDAF before the sale, you can donate part of the proceeds and keep a portion to reinvest or use as needed.

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