About Cru Foundation

Cru Foundation is a ministry of Cru. We enable ministry partners like you to use planned giving tools to invest in building the kingdom of God now, during retirement and beyond your lifetime. We’ll help you navigate the challenging spiritual and technical decisions you face as a steward by providing sound biblical and technical guidance to help you leave a godly legacy.

Tell the story — now and for generations

It’s been said that each person’s autobiography is recorded in their checkbook ledger.

Your life is a unique message to the world about the Lord. And like most good stories, yours has a beginning, a crisis, and a happy ending. But along the way, the choices you make about money and possessions say more about your true passions, hopes, and beliefs than almost anything else.

Don’t let your story go untold.

Through planned giving, you can put your life’s message in big, bold letters. We can help you publish the story of God’s work in your life in clear and lasting terms — to your children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and future generations.

Tell the Story of Jesus — now and for generations

“I’m not actually a Christian. I don’t know God, and I’ve never really cared; I’ve just been pretending this whole time …”

Ellie, a pastor’s daughter who grew up in the church, confessed these words to her friend, Victoria.

It wasn’t until she began attending Cru at Washington University that Ellie recognized her need for a Savior.

Victoria helped her friend accept Jesus that very day.

Today, Ellie is a growing Christian and part of the Cru ministry on her campus. A friend like you established a permanent fund through Cru Foundation — ensuring Cru can tell the gospel story in the Seattle Metro area indefinitely.

This is the type of enduring, life-altering, eternity-shaping impact YOU can make with the help of Cru Foundation.

Don’t let the gospel go untold.

When you choose to invest in Cru ministries through planned giving, you can help ensure that the powerful outreaches you love will continue changing lives for decades to come.

Let us tell you the whole story!

“My advisors never told me I could do that! If only I had known, I could have made a bigger difference!”

This could be the refrain of friends like you who don’t take advantage of planned giving to further God’s kingdom.

But we at Cru Foundation are qualified and called by God to help you understand how the resources you steward can be best leveraged so that you can tell the world the greatest story ever told — reaching the most people possible with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Gift Planning and Estate Design services add meaning to the stewardship process. You don’t have to make the false choice between providing well for your family or generously supporting your favorite Cru ministry. We’ll help you create a straightforward plan that does both, while potentially lowering your tax burden.

At Cru Foundation, we’ve been helping people like you fulfill their financial and ministry goals since 1972. Our staff of Christian professionals is uniquely equipped to coach you through the process.
We’ve helped Cru ministry partners steward more than $1 billion through a personalized, biblical approach.

We assess no fees, so every penny of your gift will go directly to ministry.

Experience the simplicity … the joy … and the eternal significance of telling your story through planned giving!

Our knowledgeable Gift Planning Team can help you understand and develop a plan for:

  • A Christian Will
  • A Great Commission Donor Advised Fund
  • Bequests
  • IRA Rollover
  • Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Donations of non-cash assets such as real estate, insurance, IRA, etc.
  • “Irrevocable Living Trust”
  • And so much more!