Gifts of Stocks and Mutual Funds

Donating appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds, is an easy and tax-effective way for you to make a gift to Cru Foundation.

Here are some of the potential benefits:

  • Avoid paying capital gains tax.
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction.
  • Enjoy possible increased income.
  • Further the Great Commission!

You can make your gift today by electronic transfer!

It’s easy. Download a Stock Directive Form and make a transfer from your brokerage account to Cru Foundation. Mutual funds can take additional time, and the custodian might require our foundation to set up an account with them.

Your Stewardship Matters. Act now to make the maximum impact—for you and your family and the kingdom of God!

Let us help you discover your kingdom-building potential! Contact a Giving Counselor toll-free at 800-449-5454 or