Accelerating the Great Commission through smarter generosity.

When it comes to giving, you want clear impact. But sometimes the giving of your resources feels like a shoe that never quite fits. Whether your passion is spreading the gospel on a university campus, building water wells on the other side of the globe, or nearly anything else, Cru Foundation specializes in ideas and tools specifically designed for you to excel in the grace of giving. Bring an end to mediocre or detached giving, contact us to take a new step in your personal giving experience.

We exist to help you invest in building the Kingdom of God now, during retirement and beyond your lifetime.


Simplify Your Giving

One of the fastest growing giving tools in America, a donor advised fund is a great way to organize your various giving activities for better overall impact.

Cru Foundation’s no-administrative fee Great Commission Donor Advised Fund allows you to make tax-deductible contributions when it makes sense for your needs, but then you advise funding to your favorite ministries and charitable organizations when the needs arise.

Accelerate the Great Commission just by discovering how a DAF might be right for you.

Protect Your Plans

Decades of dutiful work and savings have allowed you to give to family and ministry in special ways. And for almost 50 years, Cru Foundation has helped people like you carry on God’s work both through Cru’s ministries and other special ministries.

We help you go beyond tools, techniques, and taxation by looking at your life’s work through the lens of God’s ownership. This liberating framework has helped hundreds of families experience more joy, peace of mind, and meaning.

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Discover Greater Kingdom Impact

More than 90% of American wealth is held in our investments, homes, business interests, real estate, and other assets. Cru Foundation’s experts listen to your goals, help you and your advisors identify unique new ways to give, and deliver on it. The end result: greater impact on family and ministry.

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