Endurance Fund

Support the work of your missionaries

Paul compares our lives to a kind of relay race, where those who have finished are now part of the cheering crowd. We run to win, discarding every hindrance and with eyes locked on Jesus. One commentator notes that Paul is thinking “about the kind of sustained effort required of the long-distance runner who keeps on with great determination over the long course.”

You’re running the race with Cru missionaries. You’ve been urging each other onward, sharing joys and struggles. Your financial support enables them to spend more time sharing the gospel and less time raising support. (They are 100% dependent on your generous contributions for their needs-based salaries.) With the Endurance Fund, your support can continue even after you’ve finished the race. It “throws off” the hindrance of a funding gap. They can focus more on winning, building and sending – with their eyes fixed on Jesus.

How an Endurance Fund Works:

  • You open a fund designated to support the work of specific Cru missionaries.
  • Contribute any of a variety of assets: cash, securities, real estate, business interests, royalties, etc.
  • Funds can be made available for immediate use or released in a controlled manner to provide support for the long-term.
  • Flexible options can be built-in to allow larger withdrawals in the event of special circumstances.
  • When the staff member(s) are no longer serving with Cru, the funds are released to support the general ministry of Cru or to a designation of your choice.

Benefits and Features of an Endurance Fund:

  • You receive a tax deduction for your gift.  That savings can be used for ministry or your personal needs.
  • Any appreciated asset that is given, such as stock or real estate, is not subject to capital gains taxes, so the entire value of the asset is preserved and made available to support ministry.
  • Allows for a large, lump-sum, such as from the sale of real estate or an estate gift, to be made available for immediate use or released for ministry in a controlled manner.
  • Any investment growth in the fund is tax free.
  • Funds can be established now or through your estate.
  • Begin with as little as $5,000 and add to it anytime.
  • Flexibility to design the fund to meet your needs and goals for ministry.
  • The funds are professionally managed to last for the long-term and to keep up with inflation.
  • Your gift provides support for work of Cru missionaries until their work is done, then it is fully released to support the work of the gospel.

For more information on an Endurance Fund, please click here and then select “Endurance Fund”.