Great Commission Donor Advised Funds

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What Is a Great Commission Donor Advised Fund?

A Great Commission Donor Advised Fund (GCDAF) works like a charitable bank account. You can give all types of assets into the Fund like cash (wire, check or credit card), stock and real estate. You receive a tax deduction in the year of the donation, and then can go online to recommend grants to Cru, your church or other charities … and we mail the checks for you.

Why Should I Consider a Great Commission Donor Advised Fund?

Great Commission Donor Advised Funds have many uses and applications. The GCDAF allows you to make charitable contributions, take advantage of the tax deduction and then make your decisions about gifting from the Fund during the next year.

10 Benefits of a GCDAF:

  1. Immediate Income Tax Deduction — You realize tax benefits for the year of the donation.
  2. No Administrative Fees — Cru Foundation offers no administrative fees on contributions, no annual service, or balance fees. Plus, we offer low-cost investment fees.
  3. Investment Options — Contributions may be invested in your choice of six options inside the Fund. Learn more about our investment options here.
  4. Simplicity — You can log in anytime of the day or night to see what your balance is and the history of your past gifts. You can even make distribution requests online. And, no more hassle of multiple charitable receipts at tax time. Have one receipt for all of your charitable giving!
  5. Flexibility — You advise the amount and timing of distributions from your fund to Cru or other charitable organizations of your choice.
  6. Recognition or Anonymity — You have the option to give anonymously if you so choose.
  7. At Your Service — You’ll receive personalized care from expert advisors who share your Christian values and want to help you achieve your stewardship goals.
  8. No Minimum Balance — There is no minimum that must be kept in the Fund nor a minimum that must be distributed throughout the year.
  9. Shared Values — You’ll feel good knowing your funds are stewarded by professionals who share your biblical values.
  10. No Obligation — There are no required grants to Cru. You have the freedom to recommend grants wherever the Lord leads.

When all of these benefits are considered, it is easy to see why so many are taking a serious look at the Great Commission Donor Advised Fund. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions.

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How do I establish a GCDAF?

  1. Complete a GCDAF application form.
  2. Initiate the Fund with a gift of cash, stocks and bonds, or other appreciated assets.
  3. Recommend grants to Cru, your church or other charitable organizations at any time online quickly and efficiently — and with no minimum distribution requirements. You can give anonymously if you wish.

Contribution Instructions

Once you have completed the application and the GCDAF account is established, use the instructions below to make your first contribution.

Noncash Contribution Instructions

Cash Contribution Instructions

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