The Cost of Shiny

Had some last minute RV issues to deal with yesterday…like finding that my hot water heater tank cracked, and a mysterious exhaust issue is lingering from our RV accident last spring.

Here’s the deal…I feel rusty, not because it’s been a while since I’ve been on the road…but because I feel like everything I own is rusty. You should see my big old 14-passenger FORD van. I’ve never owned a vehicle that has rusted so badly. It runs good and is cheap transportation…but looks embarrassing.

The fatal blow came last week when someone wrote me saying, “Every time I see an RV in a Wal-Mart parking lot I think…that might be you. Then I see a nice shiny one and KNOW that it can’t be YOU.”

Et tu…brutal!

It’s an inner struggle between shiny and rusty. The shiny part says, “Newer is better…shinier!” The rusty part says, “There’s a cost to shiny. Older is cheaper…and it takes a lot of family hours to pay for shiny.”

I think the rusty part of my brain is right…but still I struggle. But I shouldn’t. In fact, maybe rusty should be a mark of a life well spent…on stuff that matters. I know a Christian company that gives a prize each year to the employee who has the most miles on their car. And rewards what matters…or reminds of what doesn’t.

You may not get an award for having old, broken, and rusty stuff, but from one old RV owner to another…well done. And…if you can afford shiny…you should enjoy it in the Lord.

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