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The benefits of a Great Commission Donor Advised Fund

You may be familiar with the convenient and effective giving vehicle called a Donor Advised Fund — we call it a “Great Commission Donor Advised Fund” —

And perhaps you’ve even heard of the basic benefits that have made this kind of fund so popular: tax savings, streamlined giving, and easier record keeping.

A Great Commission Donor Advised Fund can be used to make grants to Cru® or any other organization you support—and there’s no minimum gift amount to Cru required.* All good things. But many people don’t realize there are additional ways to get even more out of these flexible and powerful accounts.

Here’s how easy it is to make your charitable dollars work harder for you and the Cru ministries you care about most through your investment in a Cru Foundation Great Commission Donor Advised Fund (GCDAF):

You begin by making your donation to your fund in the amount God leads you to give — and reaping the tax benefits of this donation. But then at your convenience, you advise Cru Foundation on where to disburse the funds. In this way, you are always ready to be generous when important opportunities arise — without the hassle of writing a check or having to keep track of receipts.

Among the other benefits of the Fund, you may, as you desire:

  • Put appreciated stocks and securities into your Fund, avoid capital gains taxes, and receive an immediate tax deduction for your contributions.
  • Distribute gifts over time or as they’re needed by the outreach you’re supporting.
  • Involve your family in giving decisions and help them learn even greater stewardship.
  • Form a “giving circle” by connecting with like-minded friends to pool support for the same favorite ministries.
  • And more.

It’s simple to start your own Great Commission Donor Advised Fund — first talk with us so we can create the Fund, then …

  • Donate the funds and non-cash assets. You can write a check, or you may find the donation of stocks, real estate, or a portion of your business to be the best strategic option — because capital gains and other taxes are avoided.
  • Decide which Cru or other outreach ministries you would like to bless.
  • Disburse your generosity. Use your online account to make your gifts and track your giving. We make it easy to give when you like and to the ministries and charities you choose.

To get started today, please call or email The Cru Foundation at 1-800-449-5454 or

*That doesn’t conflict with historic Christian values

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