Christoph Sturm: Woods and Forests

Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy. Psalm 96:12

“Divine wisdom has dispersed woods and forests in more or less abundance all over the world. In some countries they are at great distances. In others they take up several leagues, and raise their majestic heads to the clouds. Neither the constant use made of it so lavishly by mankind, nor the ravages of accidental fires, nor severe winters have yet exhausted these rich gifts…”

Christoph Sturm (1740-1786) in Day’s Collacon, compiled and arranged by Edward Parsons Day (New York: IPPO, 1884) 1034.

It’s summertime in America, a time when people often explore the woods and forests that God has scattered across our land. Many go camping. My son, Sammy, and I like to explore God’s creation by going fly fishing.

There are about 60 species and sub-species of trout and salmon that God placed in the woods and forests of America. We’ve caught and released 27 of the 60 up until this trip. We hope to locate more this week.

Enjoy the woods and forests. They are gifts from God! As stewards, leave them nicer than you found them. If you can’t make it outside, then we will bring the experience to you. Check out: Goose Lake Basin Redband Trout Fly Fishing.

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