Utilizing Your Assets

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Using What You Have for Maximum Impact

Reach up to 25% more people with the Gospel — without making a cash donation!

At the invitation of a friend, an agnostic young man attended one of Josh McDowell’s apologetics seminars — providing evidence for the deity of Christ.

Afterwards, the young man handed his friend a note:

“I believe now. Thank you.”

As you give to support the ministries of Cru, countless people around the world will want to thank YOU for sharing the Truth of Jesus in real and meaningful ways.

And by donating appreciated stocks and assets, you can make an even greater impact, share the gospel with more people, and receive tremendous tax advantages, too!

What’s the advantage of donating appreciated assets?

Example: Stock purchased at $2,000 — Valued today at $20,000 — Gain: $18,000

  • Sell stock and donate proceeds = $15,240 for ministry
  • $20,000 – $4,760 in capital gains tax*


  • Donate stock = $20,000 for ministry
  • No capital gains tax on charitable donation of stock
  • Plus — receive a tax deduction for the full value of the appreciated stock!

*If stock is held for more than one year and donor is in highest tax bracket

Contact us for more information about gifting stock or other appreciated assets — and making a lasting impact for eternity.