Tom and Janet’s Story

Make the most of what you have and no longer need — Insurance Policy
Tom and Janet’s insurance policy outlived its intended purpose — but canceling after 30 years seemed like a waste.

Tom and Janet’s Story

Tom and Janet are planners. That’s why they signed up for life insurance when they had the first of their three sons.

And now — 30 years later — their planning and hard work has paid off! Their boys are all grown up, and they’ve built enough of a retirement account that they don’t need their old life insurance policy.

Tom thought briefly of canceling the policy … but it seemed like a waste after all he and Janet had invested into it.

After speaking with a Giving Counselor at The Cru Foundation, they discovered a way to use this paid-up policy to spread the Gospel — and receive a significant tax-deduction that would free up even MORE of their income to invest in God’s Kingdom!

How? By donating their old life insurance policy to Cru!

Tom and Janet also discovered they had the option to continue paying any subsequent annual premiums — enabling them to receive ongoing tax deductions for their further investment and reach even more people with the love of Jesus!

Through careful stewardship and wise planning, Tom and Janet are making bigger impact for God’s Kingdom than they ever imagined possible — and you can, too!
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