The Robertsons’ Story

Make a gift and receive an income — Charitable Gift Annuities

Mary wanted to advance the Great Commission — but still needed enough income for living expenses.

Mary’s Story

Like you, Mary Robertson’s heart was for the gospel. She wanted to give as much as possible to build God’s Kingdom …

But at over 90 years old, she also needed to set aside enough for living expenses.

Mary was delighted to discover that the Cru Foundation could help!

Her Giving Counselor explained how she could simultaneously secure her income and make a significant gift by setting up a Charitable Gift Annuity. A CGA would:

• Protect her from the turbulent economy with consistent regular income.
• Provide fixed annuity rates as high as 9%
• Deduct a portion of the gift from her taxable income — and provide a portion of her future income tax-free!
• Advance the gospel through the Cru ministries she loved!

Mary was thrilled — and spent the next three years creating six separate CGAs.

When Mary died, her children were astounded by the ministry she had in the lives of others through her wise stewardship … and decided to multiply their impact for eternity through CGAs too!

The Robertsons contributed a generous gift to the gospel — welcoming many to new life in Christ!

You can make this same kind of Kingdom impact — and we’d love to help.

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