Stress-Free Giving

Stress-Free Giving

Give the way you want to give now — and figure out the logistics later.

[story 7:]

A Simple Plan

The first time Amari ever met his dad was in court … where his father tried to get out of paying child support.

Without the influence of a godly father, Amari arrived at college with no interest in God or spiritual things.

But a friend like you met him there — through Cru. Our students and staff invited him to a Bible study … and Amari came to know his loving heavenly Father!

You can be there for the next Amari, by supporting the Cru ministries you love.

And establishing a personal giving fund, sometimes called a Donor Advised Fund, makes it easier than ever! Your DAF will enable you to …

  • Make a charitable contribution now (and apply the benefits to this year’s taxes) — and distribute the funds later as ministry opportunities arise.
  • Give to your favorite ministries — like Cru, or your church. (Cru will even mail the checks for you!)
  • Go online anytime to see a report of your giving activity — with all your receipts conveniently in one place!

We’d love to help you maximize your Kingdom giving through a Donor Advised Fund and other wise giving strategies.

Contact us for more information about creating a Donor Advised Fund.