Create an eternal inheritance with a Endurance Fund

They wanted to give their inheritance back to God — not as a one-time donation, but to create something of lasting, permanent significance.

Rob’s Story

When Rob Hink’s parents passed away, he and his sister determined to use their inheritance to honor God and their parents’ legacy.

They knew they didn’t want to make a one-time donation. Creating something lasting — that would make an ongoing impact on God’s Kingdom year after year — was a priority.

But Rob and his sister weren’t sure how to do this … or if it was even possible … until they talked to their Giving Counselor at The Cru Foundation.

We showed them a giving strategy that would enable them to create a permanent investment fund to generate interest income for a ministry they designate — often called an “Endurance Fund.”

You can earmark the Endurance Fund to share the gospel by
• Sustaining the specific ministry work of Cru Staff
• Providing for a particular Cru ministry you love
• Investing in a special project
• And more!

Rob and his sister’s Endurance Fund provides scholarships to the life-changing Winter Conferences offered by Cru’s campus ministry, and their families frequently receive thank you notes from students whose lives have been touched by their generosity …

And their impact will only GROW over time — through compounding interest and additional contributions — to reach even more students with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

We would love to show you how you can do this, too!

Contact us for more information about leveraging an inheritance for eternal impact.