Keep missionaries in the field with an Endurance Fund

Regina wanted to make sure her favorite Cru missionaries would have support they could count on — even if something happened to her.

Regina’s Story

Perhaps you can relate to our friend Regina:

She loved to share the gospel through the ministry of Athletes in Action staff members Julie and Tom Rode — but worried if something happened to her, they would be hindered by not receiving her regular support.

So when Regina heard about an “Endurance Fund” — a way to give one significant gift now that would be invested and distributed to support the ministry of Julie and Tom over time — she jumped at the opportunity!

Not only did the Endurance Fund enable Tom to receive a desperately needed surgery, but the gift also continues to support the couple’s ongoing ministry.

The Endurance Fund enabled Regina to plan ahead and be generous so that the Rodes can focus less on raising support and more on what they do best — ministry.

And through the Endurance Fund, Regina’s gift will continue to bless the Rodes’ ministry and those they reach even after she goes home to be with the Lord.

Savvy giving opportunities like this can help you win more souls for Christ than you ever dreamed possible — and we would love the opportunity to show you how!