Marty and Loudean’s Story

Marty and Loudean inherited the family farm from their parents. They worked hard to maintain the farm for years. So when they decided to retire, they wanted it to be used for something meaningful.

Farming doesn’t always provide a lucrative cash flow, but the farm itself was a valuable asset. Selling the farm would provide them with ample retirement income.

That’s when they approached us.

They asked if there was a way for them to use the farm to advance the Kingdom, and provide them with enough income to retire.

We helped them develop a plan that worked perfectly.

They gave a portion of the farm to a Donor Advised Fund. This allowed them to avoid capital gains tax in addition to deducting the value from their income-tax.

They transferred the rest of the farm into a Charitable Remainder Trust. This solution helped them avoid the remainder of the capital gains tax and provided them with retirement income for the rest of their lives. They were also entitled to an income-tax deduction for the value of the property placed into the trust.

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