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Read why Norm Miller is giving his wealth away to build the Kingdom of God.

Kingdom Giving will introduce you to men and women who have a different perspective on wealth. People like Norm Miller believe that the greatest joy comes from giving their money away to build the Kingdom of God.

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Kingdom Giving was written by Jerry Wear during his tenure as president of The Cru Foundation. Jerry wrote this book because he was moved by men and women who decided to dedicate their finances, and their lives, to sharing God’s love with the world.

“I want you to experience the joy they feel not only in giving, but in the generating of this wealth, the adventure of both making money and giving it away in order to advance the Gospel.”

Explore how you can use your wealth to build the Kingdom

An exciting life of investing in the Kingdom of God isn’t just for people like Norm. You can take part as well, whether you have a lot of money, or a little.

Contact us. We’ll examine your estate and walk you through the best giving options for your situation. Our team will help you come up with a solution that will both ensure your family’s well-being and allow you to have a significant Kingdom impact.

We have ongoing partnerships with Cru’s family of ministries, but you can give to any Christian organization through The Cru Foundation.