Don’s Story

Don’s nephew served for a number of years as a Campus Crusade staff member in Eastern Europe. Don faithfully supported him during those years.

His nephew faithfully sent his prayer letter to his uncle. Don read the letter each month and got to know a staff woman through the letters.

Don’s nephew left the staff a few years later, but Don was so dedicated to the ministry that he decided to continue supporting the woman on staff that he had learned about through his nephew’s letters.

Don eventually told her that he wanted to include her in his will. His wife had already passed away and he had no children. This woman contacted us and we told her how Don could set up a charitable bequest in his will.

When Don passed away the gift came through. It was an amazing shock! He had left $800,000 to the Endurance Fund, which will be disbursed to her annually to fund her ongoing missionary efforts. They had never even met face-to-face.

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