Chris and Patti’s Story

Giving is less complicated with a personal giving fund

Because of an exceptional year in business, they wanted to give generously now — but needed more time to pray about the specifics.

It wasn’t a question of whether to give —

After 20 years of involvement in The JESUS Film Project, Chris and Patti Booth loved to advance the gospel.

Through their generosity, they had already:

• Sponsored multiple film projects
• Funded several film teams
• Even provided for a new translation!

“It’s all been very exciting to us — pure joy!” Chris says.

Rather, it was a question of “who” and “when” and “what.” Chris and Patti needed more time to think and pray about which opportunities would maximize their impact.

After an exceptional year in business, the Booths knew they needed help to give now and worry about the details later — and remembered hearing about Cru Foundation at a JESUS film event.

One of the topics? How to make the most of your charitable giving through a streamlined, tax-saving account called a Great Commission Donor Advised Fund.

Taking advantage of this turnkey vehicle enabled them to
• Share in the joy of giving NOW.
• Receive their tax deduction NOW.
• Defer decisions about how to distribute their contributions until LATER — when they had more time to think and pray about it.
• Simplify record keeping for their tax return.

We’d love to show you how you can give the way you’ve always wanted and advance the kingdom — all on your own timetable.

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