Charitable Equity Partnership

Kingdom Impact Through a Charitable Equity PartnershipAs a business owner, you have particularly great potential to make a significant kingdom impact. No doubt you are giving generously, using the engine of your business to drive major contributions to ministries of evangelism, discipleship and compassion. You’re also certainly doing all you can to keep your business strong and provide for those you love.

But many business owners may not realize that they have even greater potential to make an even more powerful difference to the benefit of both their own business and the ministries they care most about.

The key is a unique business-ministry joint venture: The Charitable Equity Partnership.

Through this remarkable financial instrument,

  • You can save dramatically on taxes.
  • You can free up funds for building your business.
  • You gain greater flexibility in pursuing family financial goals.
  • You gain increased freedom to support ministry and accelerate the Great Commission!

The need to reinvest in the business and cash flow concerns may limit many business owners’ ability to do so. As a business owner, you have the opportunity not only to build your business (and wealth) for yourself and your family, but also to make charitable gifts through your business to accomplish your philanthropic goals.

How does it work?

The business owner donates a percentage of non-controlling corporate stock. The owner gets a tax deduction — the equivalent of taking money tax-free from the business.

Any profit from the Cru-held shares is taxed at half the federal rate assessed to the business owner. Cru holds the shares until the business is sold. (You can sell to whomever you want, including family members.)

You can also reinvest tax-free cash in your business, increasing its value. Combined with a Donor Advised Fund, the CEP gives flexibility to support multiple ministries.

A Charitable Equity Partnership has tremendous ministry potential — not to mention economic value to you and your family. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibilities with you!

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