Charitable Equity Partnership

Charitable Equity PartnershipAs a business owner, you have particularly great potential to make a significant kingdom impact. No doubt you are giving generously, using the engine of your business to drive major contributions to ministries of evangelism, discipleship, and compassion. You’re also certainly doing all you can to keep your business strong and provide for those you love.

But many business owners don’t realize that they have even greater potential, to make an even more powerful difference, to the benefit of both their own business and the ministries they care most about.

It can happen through the GCF Trust (GCFT).

  • Through this remarkable financial instrument, you save dramatically on taxes.
  • You free up funds for building your business.
  • You gain greater flexibility in pursuing family financial goals.
  • You gain increased freedom to support ministry.

What is the true value of non-controlling corporate shares? If you sell, the after-tax value with today’s high capital gains rates, medical plan tax, and state tax the value can be as low as 70% of the Market value.

If you hold it to pass through the estate, the heirs may receive only 60% of value.
The following chart compares these values to using the CEP for leveraging up the value.

Equity Stewardship

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