Let us help you simplify your giving!

Today is National Nonprofit Day, a day that acknowledges the positive impact that nonprofit organizations have on our local communities and around the world. But the mission and vision of nonprofit organizations like Cru® could not move forward without partners, donors and volunteers— people like you. 

At Cru Foundation, we’ve been helping people like you fulfill financial and ministry goals for years with a biblical approach. This includes giving to their favorite Cru ministries but also to their churches and the other charitable organizations that they support.  

A Great Commission Donor Advised Fund (GCDAF) is a charitable giving fund that works much like a private foundation but without the cost and red tape. A GCDAF can be funded with as little as $5,000 cash, stock or other appreciated assets. The donor realizes tax benefits in the year of the donation and then advises Cru Foundation to make distributions over time from the fund to the charitable organizations of their choice.

A GCDAF is one of the most exciting stewardship tools available today because it simplifies your giving and helps your giving dollars go further, adding joy to the experience. And now, you can open a GCDAF with no administrative fee!*

The benefits to the kingdom and to you are many, including an immediate income tax deduction+, a capital gains tax bypass on appreciated assets, the ability to support your church and other charitable organizations, and many more. Consider the story of Bill and Sarah Stewart.

Bill didn’t have a Christian background or a college education, but after he came to Christ at age 19, he started preaching right away. He wanted to tell everyone about the peace of God he had found. Eventually, he was a founding partner in a financial company, helping middle-class people get debt-free and lay a solid foundation for the future … and all the while he and his wife Sarah were supporting their church and the Cru ministries they love.

When he heard they could establish their own Great Commission Donor Advised Fund, Bill says, “I thought, ‘Wow! We could have the ability to make the contributions directly to the [work of the missionaries] that we support?’ That’s what we loved about it—and it has simplified our giving because we used to write a lot of individual checks every month and send those out. Sarah can go online and [recommend] the distributions, and it totally simplified our life.”

Today, Sarah and Bill continue to build God’s kingdom through their support for Cru—and they’re building the legacy of sharing Jesus that has always been their aim. You can do the same. Find out how to establish a Great Commission Donor Advised Fund today. Click here for more information or to start your application!

* Cru Foundation does not charge for account administration, which includes account setup, accounting, issuing grants, online account access, customer service, charity screening, gift receipting and more. Our Complete Guide includes details about the cost of the available investment options.
+ Assuming the taxpayer is either eligible to itemize deductions or is giving an asset with long-term capital gains.