Gary Hoag: The generosity of the Christian movement – Michael Frost

“The Christian movement must be the living, breathing promise to society that it is possible to live out the values of Christ–that is, to be a radical, troubling alternative to the power imbalances in the empire. In a world of greed and consumerism, the church ought to be a community of generosity and selflessness. In a host empire that is committed to marginalizing the poor, resisting the place of women, causing suffering to the disenfranchised, the Christian community must be generous to a fault, pursuant of justice, flushed with mercy.” – Michael Frost in Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2006) 15-16.

I am thankful for the privilege of rallying pastors and leaders in this movement to live as generous and selfless exiles in the empire. We experience elements of God’s kingdom now, but much of it we have not grasped yet. So what should we do? We must show the world the radical, generous love of God.

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