Kevin Watson: Moving closer or missing opportunities

“Ultimately, we cannot stand still or tread water in the Christian life. We are either moving closer toward God and learning to better love our neighbor, or we are missing opportunities to further express our love for God and neighbor and gradually moving away from God.

The goal of every Christian should be to become a disciple, a follower, of Jesus Christ. People do not learn how to follow Jesus by reading books about following Jesus. We learn how to follow Jesus by following Him, even if by fits and starts.”
Kevin M. Watson in The Class Meeting: Reclaiming a Forgotten (and Essential) Small Group Experience (Wilmore, KY: Seedbed, 2014) 15.

This book champions a conversation-driven versus content-driven small group format (much like The Alpha Course). So why cite Watson today? I pray my “Faith and Finances” curriculum and the 12 corresponding “seven-minute seminary” videos will get people talking in similar fashion. [Editor’s note: This video series may be viewed for free here.]

Following Jesus, “even if by fits and starts” as Watson puts it, is the only way to live. We learn by doing it. My family has found this is especially true linked to generosity. We did not realize what it meant to be conduits of spiritual and material blessings until we started doing it!

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