Gary Hoag: Die to self – Jan Johnson

“To die to self is to set aside what we want in this moment and to focus instead on loving God with everything we’ve got and valuing others as highly as we value ourselves (Matt. 22:37-39). This moves us away from self-centeredness and closer to becoming open-hearted followers of Christ who care deeply for others. It’s much easier to pay attention to the concerns, interests, and needs of people when our own interests no longer consume us.”

Jan Johnson in “Discovering Much More: Moving Away from Self-centeredness to Caring Deeply for Others” in Christian Leader magazine, January/February 2015.

What consumes your thoughts? I’m serious. What stuff dominated your mind yesterday? The day before? God desires us to think about Him and those around us. Do we? Why or why not? And if we are honest with ourselves, what do our answers to these questions reveal about us?

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