Gary Hoag: Trust is the Safest Posture – Amy Carmichael

“As the needs of all living things must, we have proved that it is a very safe thing to trust in the Lord our God.”

Amy Carmichael (1867-1951) in Gold Cord: The Story of a Fellowship (Fort Washington: CLC, 1996) 15.

As generosity is rooted in trusting God to provide, growth in generosity can only be nurtured by learning to trust more fully, more deeply. Is there any aspect of life that you find it difficult to entrust to God? Ask God to help you in that area (cf. Mark 9:24).

Carmichael “proved” the trustworthiness of God in her day, and that’s one of our aims in ours. Why? More is caught than taught. The reason we must model the life of trust in God is so that the world may see and know that He is faithful.

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