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Gary Hoag: Timeless Advice Regarding Wealth – Hubbard Winslow

“A wealthy man who obtains his wealth honestly and uses it rightly is a great blessing to the community.”
Hubbard Winslow (1800-1864) was a Vermont Congregationalist. This quote comes from Day’s Collacon compiled and arranged by Edward Parsons Day (New York: IPPO, 1884) 1012. Winslow lived during the Industrial Revolution when the temptation of many was to cut corners to gain wealth or amass it for personal gain. As a minister he proclaimed a clear message that is still relevant today.

To obtain wealth honestly is to not go after it, but rather let it come to us as a result of faithful stewardship. When it does, we must put it to work. Like the old saying goes, “Money is like manure, it’s only good if you spread it around.” Its right use will result in blessing to the whole community where God has placed us (cf. Jeremiah 29:7).

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