paradox of wealth

Gary Hoag: The Paradox of Wealth – Robert Morris

“Wealth, after which you run with so much ardor, is like the shadow that walks about you: if you run after it, it flies from you; if you fly from it, it follows you.”

Robert Morris (1734-1806) in Day’s Collacon compiled and arranged by Edward Parsons Day (New York: IPPO, 1884) 1012. I want to explore wealth and poverty in the days leading up to Lent.

Morris sums clearly the paradox of wealth. It’s elusive, like grasping for a shadow. So whatever we do, we must not chase after wealth (cf. 1 Timothy 6:9)! If we instead seek God first, it is then that we often are entrusted with it (cf. Psalm 112:3).

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