For Cru Ministries

Planned giving provides your ministry with stable support and we can help!

Today, many Cru ministries are standing at a crossroads. They’ve worked hard to build a base of support. But now, the ministry partners who have generously funded their kingdom-building efforts are getting older. There’s increasing uncertainty about how long they can continue to give.

Maybe you can relate. If so, we’ve got good news.

We can help your ministry partners continue to support kingdom work for years to come with innovative planned giving strategies.

Supporting your efforts to build the kingdom of God

We don’t have a hidden agenda at Cru Foundation. Your ministry’s success is our priority.

You can rely on us. We’ll provide your supporters with a professional, confidential and pressure-free experience. We’ll always look out for your ministry partners’ interests first. Their confidential information won’t be shared with anyone outside of Cru Foundation.

Building customized solutions for your unique ministry

Even though you share the same values and commitment to building the kingdom of God as the rest of the Cru family of ministries, we know that your ministry is also unique.

We’re a Cru ministry as well; we understand the balancing act of winning, building and sending while maintaining an individual identity.

That’s why we want to work with you to provide planned giving options customized for your ministry partners.

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