Facing the Great Appraiser

Do you ever find yourself chewing on something the preacher said on Sunday? Well, I’ve been chewing for a few days now.

He was teaching from the passage about the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31f.) He did a good job explaining it and concluded with an Antiques Road Show illustration about a guy who bought some rhino horn vases (before they were illegal) for a few thousand dollars and was blown away to learn that they were worth over a million bucks.

His point was that sometimes we do things, thinking they’re ‘little’ deals, to one day learn that they have huge value. That got me thinking about another illustration he didn’t share from the Antiques Road Show … one that I’ve seen plenty of times.

A smug guy brings in an item that he got a steal on … hoping it’s worth a million. He puts it on the appraiser’s table, only to find out it’s a fake … and worth even less than what he paid. The guy tries to hide it … but he’s crushed and humiliated.

That got me wondering … how things might play out for us, as we stand before God. How will He value the careers we built, the ministries we started, the investments we made, the ladders we climbed, the items we accumulated, and the things we sacrificed for? One day we will stand before the “Great Appraiser.” Will He look at our “treasures” and with tears in His eyes say, “They’re fake … worth nothing … you wasted your life”?

Truth is: what the world values (and sometimes we do as well) doesn’t matter. What the world overlooks, like bed-time prayers, wrestling matches on the floor, serving our families, turning down promotions and pay raises … is the stuff that God values.

Let me ask you right now…If something happened to you suddenly, what treasures would you put on the table before the Great Appraiser? The answer should affect your ‘TODAY.’

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