Creating an Eternal Inheritance

When Rob Hink’s parent’s passed away, he and his sister wanted to use their inheritance to make an ongoing impact on God’s kingdom, year-after-year … for eternity!

Through their Gift and Estate Design Specialist at Cru Foundation, they discovered they could establish a permanent fund in which their contribution is invested to generate interest income for a designated ministry — often called a “Endurance Fund.”

Endurance Funds can be set up to

  1. Support the ministry of Cru staff
  2. Provide for a particular Cru ministry you love
  3. Invest in a special project
  4. And more!

Rob and his sister chose to designate the interest from their Endurance Fund — which they continue to invest in today — to provide scholarships to the life-changing Winter Conferences offered by Cru’s campus ministry.

They frequently receive thank you notes and stories from students whose lives have been touched by their generosity —

One letter Rob and his sister received recently shared how they helped nine African American student leaders to attend a Winter Conference specially designed to speak to the spiritual needs of ethnic minority students.

We would love the opportunity to show you how you can make this kind of ongoing kingdom impact, too!

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