You’re establishing a legacy of sharing Jesus and building God’s kingdom

Cru’s kingdom-building outreaches are constantly empowered by the prayers and generosity of partners like you — and we’re grateful. Together with Cru you are sharing Jesus and making disciples, whether you support the campus ministry of Cru, Cru Inner City, the JESUS film, Athletes in Action, FamilyLife, or other ministries.

We have found that many of the friends who partner with Cru — people who are generously dedicated to our ministry efforts like you are — have made some kind of plan or provision for Cru in their will. And it’s our desire to steward and honor every gift we receive in a manner that reflects your intent

Because of this, we encourage you to contact Cru today. With your call or email, you can ensure your gift is designated for the ministry or ministries you support and get the correct verbiage to identify those ministries specifically in your will or estate plan.

When you let us know of any bequests or plans you might have — we can be sure that our records reflect the exact intent of your legacy gift and how it should be used.

You can find out more about the various options and estate planning starters here. And you can also let us know about your legacy gift.

Thank you for your dedication to fulfilling the Great Commission and helping to share Jesus with people everywhere!

You are leaving a legacy of evangelism and kingdom-building that will transform many lives.

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