Charles G. Trumbell: Fingers On His Hand

“Jesus Christ does not want to be our helper; He wants to be our life. He does not want us to work for Him. He wants us to let Him do His work through us, using us as we use a pencil to write with — better still, using us as one of the fingers on His hand.”
Charles G. Trumbell in Victory in Christ (Fort Washington: CLC, 2011) 38.

Trumbell rightly reminds us that God neither needs our help as if He has deficiencies, nor wants us to work for Him, which would infer that His capacity is limited. He desires to work in and through us, so that we are His hands and feet.

Father, bless the world richly through us today by your Holy Spirit. Do this for your glory we pray in the matchless name of Jesus. Amen.

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